Sovereign Housing Association

Help and support for Sovereign Housing Residents.
Sovereign is one of the largest housing providers in our area and as such they are reaching out to their customers who may require their support and advice during these difficult times.  If you need to contact Sovereign for any reason the Customer Care Number is: 0300 5000 926

Message from Sovereign’s Chief Executive about services from 5 November

“As you’ll all know, from Thursday the country is going back into lockdown for at least four weeks. Restrictions on our normal lives will probably be in place for some time and it may prove to be a tough winter.

“I want to reassure you that at Sovereign our primary focus is on delivering for you, our customers over the next four weeks and beyond.

“As far as possible it will be business as usual for most of our employees and for our services. We’ll be sharing more detailed guidance soon around any changes in services you might expect, including the closure of communal areas in our housing for older people schemes and a pause on some planned refurbishments where we’d need to be in your home for an extended period. But we’ll do everything we can to continue providing services – including mutual exchanges and lettings.

 “Keeping you safe and protecting our employees remains our highest priority and I’m very grateful to you for following the guidelines on social distancing as well as the basics of regular handwashing and face coverings when needed.

“I’d remind you as well of the importance of getting a coronavirus test if you have symptoms and of following the government’s guidance around self-isolating if you or someone in your household’s tested positive or has symptoms and is waiting for a test. It’s especially important that you keep us informed if we might be visiting you, so that we’re not putting our employees or other customers at risk.

“As I hope you found in March, we’ve proved able to adapt fast to very challenging times in 2020. We’re doing all that we can to continue to deliver services and to meet your needs over the coming weeks and months. If you have concerns, please get in touch. In the meantime, I hope that you and your families stay safe.”

Mark Washer

For details about how Sovereign can help you, together with details of the support and advice they have available for you to access now, please refer to the Sovereign Housing Association section in this website. Click here…..