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Bourton Community Support Group

Documents to view, download and sign

A variety of informative, useful, and trustworthy websites

We’ve identified a selection of official websites that you can access; knowing that they are genuine, trustworthy and authentic.

NHS – use these websites to access information about all NHS services, there are links which are specifically for Coronavirus (Covid-19). Within this site you will find advice and information that helps you stay healthy and informs you on what to do if you begin to feel unwell.

Services and Charities – there are many national and regional organisations providing useful information and credible advice as part of ongoing support to local communities. From reputable news sources to support with specific issues there are a range of options here to browse.

Government Websites – use these to get access to the latest announcements and any official advice on preventative measures that help restrict the progress of the virus and for official guidance on any precautions or restrictions required for all or sections of our community. The Dorset Council website gives information about local support groups like this one as well as keeping you informed about any changes to council services, such as bin collections.

Communications – it may be harder to buy stamps but through the Royal Mail website you will be able to purchase postage and then drop off in your closet post box. Also, there has been a change in the TV Licence scheme and with it many spam emails so check the facts here. There are also lots of new ways of using technology to keep in virtual touch – including Facetime, Skype, zoom or many others. Why not find out what works best for you and your family and friends.

If there is anything else to add that you think will help, please let us know by email or through the Online Request Form.