Age UK gives computing help to keep in touch. PLUS Parish of Upper Stour Palm Sunday Newsletter


Age UK, a very active charity and pressure group that represents and takes actions on behalf the people it helps and represents, has an incredibly useful website. It is well worth a look. contains a vast amount of very relevant and practical information. One thing that could be really useful for us all is section it carries which features how the internet helps us in everyday tasks, including keeping in touch. The site has a section deveoted to this.

The internet and digital technology can be invaluable for staying in touch with family and friends, as well as helping with everyday tasks such as shopping, ordering prescriptions, and banking.

Age UK has recently published a specific feature that looks at how you can keep in touch using a smart phone, iPad or similar tablet or even your computer, for video calls. Whilst this technology can be quite daunting, it is probably easier than we all think, and this article helps us get that bit closer.

Why not give it a try, impress yourself and surprise the youngsters!


The latest Newsletter from the Parish of Upper Stour was released on Saturday. It features a really good link to the Palm Sunday ‘virtual service’ in Salisbury.

Click here to access the Palm Sunday Newsletter

Health and Government Updates

Stay at Home,Protect the NHS, Save Lives


Message from Simon Hoare MP

‘It is important in this uncertain time that we follow the advice provided by the Government and Health experts. This advice is likely to change daily based on the evolving situation.

As per the current advice, the most important thing individuals can do to protect themselves is to only go outside for food, health reasons or essential work. This should be done as infrequently as possible. When outside it is important to stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people.

When you return home, wash your hands immediately, for at least 20 seconds, with soap and water. Make sure you cough or sneeze into a tissue, put it in a bin and wash your hands. 

The Government has announced new measures to help tackle the spread of Coronavirus. This is called social distancing and is particularly important for people who:

– are 70 or over

– have a long-term condition

– are pregnant

– have a weakened immune system’

This important information has been shared from
To read more, please visit our MP’s website

Our local Member of Parliament, Simon Hoare, shared this information with the community via the Blackmore Vale Magazine (27 March publication). We have been in touch with his office and offered to share the details of our local MPs excellent website.

The website contains some very useful links to a variety of governement and other trustworthy resources. This provides access to important informtaion on several topics that are key during this period of uncertainty. We would like to thank you for providing this.

This includes information about and relevant to :

  • NHS / Coronavirus
  • Businesses (including HMRC/Business Rates)
  • Employment and jobs (Self-employed/Employees/Employers)
  • Dorset County and Town Council Services, etc
  • Education and schools, etc
  • Travel Advice, Citizens Advice, volunteering, suport groups, etc
  • ……….and much much more

You can get to this, using the link here:


Message from the Rev’d Ben Rundell-Evans

For those who wish to keep in contact with the Parish of Upper Stour at this time there are several innovative ways. One is the recently introduced Parish e-newsletter. You can see the current and latest newsletter here . This month features the Holy Week and Easter celebrations, together with an exploration of a very unusual Lent. The articles are accompanied by some joyous photgraphy.

Included is a link to the Holy Week and Easter 2020 booklet which helps you follow through from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.(Click Here – Holy Week). The booklet was produced by the Diocese of Lichfield. The Rev’d Ben hopes it will be helpful for us all as we keep this holy time together, but in different places.

There is also some support for our volunteers and those many individuals who have been helping the community at this time.

I am delighted that so many are rising to the challenge to help one another! This month’s Parish Magazine outlines some of the help that is being provided, and I would also like to draw your attention to the Bourton Community Support Group, details of which can be found here.

Rev’d Ben Rundell-Evans – Priest in Charge, Parish of Upper Stour

The Reverend Ben will also be sending out an e-newsletter on Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. If you discover that someone would like to receive these e-newsletters who hasn’t yet, then please encourage them to sign up here.

We will hopefully be able to feaure them here again in our News Posts.

For those who want to find out more, we’ve also put in the contact details for the Parish of Upper Stour on our Contact Info page.


Connect and reach out…

Please make sure those without internet access have everything they need at this time – keep in touch : our numbers are here, do call us if you wish.

Local Supplier News

Fruit and veg shops update, how to get in touch.

Sprout and Flower, Mere are delivering to Bourton. They are now open from 8.00 until 14.00 daily (closed Sunday) and have restricted access at the store to help everyone keep safe. After lunch they are collating and delivering ordes and giving the shop a clean. You can email them using or call them on 01747 860300. You can leave a voice message on their answering machine, but email is preferred.

An example of Sprout and Flowers list of products (30 March). This changes daily but this will give you some idea of what provisions are kept.

Wincanton Fruit and Veg have been overwhelmed by calls from customers recently. To deal with these increased levels of contact during this initial period of self- isolating and until things settle down they’ve added extra numbers to help accomodate demand.

It would really help them if you can email your orders to . They will then pick and pack and call you to confirm. The current delivery wait time is about 3 to 4 days. In addition to the existing phone number, 07871 609345 (Claudia); the two additonal numbers are 07515 554549 (Helen) and 07527 727947 (Holly). But wherever possible please use email, plan ahead and be prepared to offer alternatives.

Both Sprout and Flower and Wincanton Fruit and Veg will deliver, however if you have an urgent requirement please contact Bourton Community Support Group ( see contact us ) and we will do everything we can to help you.

Health and Government Updates

Do you qualify for coronavirus support?

If you have a medical condition which makes you extremely vulnerable to coronavirus (COVID-19), register using this link and tell the Government whether or not you need support.

If you know of anyone who doesn’t have internet access then please let them know about this. Completing this simple questionnaire could make a real differnce!

You can register yourself, or on behalf of someone else.

Local Supplier News

La Chasse helps local community and reduces minimum order value.

Based on the Wiltshire/Dorset border, La Chasse is a specialty food distribution business with years of experience in the food industry. Normally, La Chasse provides fantastic, locally produced must-haves and high quality ingredients to the wholesale trade; including pubs, hotels and restaurants. However, as a result of Coronavirus, they’re now one of many local businesses that have taken on a new community focussed outlook.

La Chasse now offer an extensive list of products to the public

This refocus from wholesale to providing products directly to the public has enabled
La Chasse not only to help provide a much needed service to the local community during unprecedented times, but it also means that the business can continue to look after their dedicated workforce, whist supporting their own wide range of suppliers.

To make it more accessible to the local community, La Chasse have recently taken the decision to :

  • reduce the minimum order to £40.00, dependent on location,
  • include free delivery to your door, dependent on location,
  • offer 10% off on orders over £80.00

With their distinctive branded fleet of chilled vehicles, which you’ve probably seen around, La Chasse are now offering a wide range of products to the public. The full list of products (currently spanning 18 pages) is available on . However do bear in mind that La Chasse is not a supermarket, and the products may well be more geared to wholesale caterers in terms of packing size, quantity and type, however they will be constantly updating their range as time passes.

We would be grateful if you can share this with your friends who may not have access to the internet. For the current list of other local services we are aware of, please click here.

Health and Government Updates

Britons to get leaflet detailing government rules on leaving the house.

According to the BBC today, a letter will be sent to 30 million households to help clarify the advice given by the Government. This leaflet will ‘detail government rules on leaving the house and health information’.

This information is already available but it will be helpful to remind ourselves of this important information as life for all of us has changed very rapidly.

Information taken from

The NHS website cotains some very clear advice about what to do and those details are currently accurate as of the time and date of this post. You can see these at

Ultimately, it is best to be cautious and take the advice of NHS and Government sources rather than some things you may hear or see on social media.

Take care and be safe.

Bourton Community Support Group

Welcome to the new site

Welcome to a new website that has been developed by volunteers from the Bourton Community Support Group. This website supports our volunteer group reach our community. Through it we hope to keep you informed about a variety of issues. You can access the phone numbers and email address which we shared with you on the leaflet last week which outlined how we can help. We’ve added in here links to local businesses who are trading, many are now delivering to Bourton. There are details of other firms that may be useful. This includes The Bell and Crown in Zeals who have developed a Pie Shop to help the community in an innovative way. There are links to official sources, such as the NHS, Doret Council Adult Services and many other organisations who you may need right now. We will continue to research and provide further sources of information, and as we develop this website – it’s your needs will be at the heart of it.

If you want to get in touch for any reason whatsoever – please see the Contact Us page for how to do this. Take care and stay safe.