Virtual Get Together

– A New, Innovative and Fun Way of Being with Others –
Zoom Coffee Morning! 11am Every Monday Morning

In a wonderful development, the Rev’d Ben has started a virtual get together. He has issued an open inviatation to join him and St.Arbucks * for a cup of tea or coffee over Zoom.

He’s offereing the chance for us to have some time to check in and to chat with people if you are feeling the need!

You will need a device with a camera and microphone whether that is your phone or computer. When the time comes, just click the link below. You may be asked for the pass code which is below. 

To Join the Zoom Coffee Morning at 11.00am any Monday, see the link in the Newletter which you can access by clicking here.
Or, if you prefer, the meeting details are:
Meeting ID: 926 0725 7588
Passcode: 992199

Alternatively, you can ring in by phone on this number : 0208 080 6592 and then use the meeting ID from the paragraph above.  

Thank You Rev’d Ben !

Image result for Starbucks Logo
* St. Arbucks or Starbucks as some like to say 🙂

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