Church Services in Upper Stour return on 12 July.

This Sunday will see our first Public Sunday service in Upper Stour since the end of March (details can be found here). In lock down we saw through Lent, Easter, Ascension, Pentecost and Trinity and so now we return in Ordinary Time (or perhaps ‘New Ordinary Time’?!).

This Sunday, even though it will be the Fifth Sunday After Trinity, as a partially gathered community, we can light our Paschal Candle and Renew our Baptism Vows, firstly to welcome in our Easter celebration of light, but also to remind ourselves that we are an Easter People. During the Service we will hear two pieces of music and these are linked below, and we will follow the order of service which can be found here.

The Reverend Ben talks of how he is aware that while many of us will be gathering in Church for the foreseeable future, many will not. Sharing very sensible words about ‘not feel pressured to do anything too early, whether you are shielding or whether you simply don’t feel ready yet.’

So, to allow access for all, please feel free to look at the order of service above or use the links at the bottom of the newsletter and join in prayer as you feel most comfortable.

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