Parish Virtual Garden Competition

During lockdown many of us have spent such a long time in our gardens without being able to show them off!

Now is the time to grab your camera and share your hard work.

All entries will be available to view on the Parish of Upper Stour website and people will have the chance to vote for the garden they would most like to enjoy this bottle in!

The winning prize is the very same bottle of ‘bolly’

This competition is open to absolutely anyone so please do encourage people to send in their virtual gardens!
To Enter

Please email with the following:
– Your full name
– A contact telephone number
– Four good quality photos of your garden
– Up to 50 words description if you would like
– A donation of £10 for Church Funds per garden (cash in a sealed and named envelope to The Rectory, Portnells Lane, Zeals, BA12 6PG or Zeals’ Garage – Please make sure you put your name on the envelop so that we can cross reference it with your entry)

Entries received up until 24th July to give you enough time to keep sprucing!
To Vote

All entries will be available to view on our website between 27th July – 7th August with the winner announced on the website 9th August.

The four pictures and short description will be available to view on the Parish website with the gardener’s name and which village the garden is from, along with a simple online voting form.
If you would like to distribute posters, a copy can be found here.

People Without Computers 
If you know someone who has a fabulous garden or just fancies having a go at winning a bottle of ‘bolly’, but ‘doesn’t do that wizzy computer stuff’, please do volunteer to take photos and send them in on their behalf.
Spread the word and GOOD LUCK!

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