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Stay In : ‘Eat Out’

It’s time to treat yourself, have a ‘night out’ at home. Amazing Sourdough Pizza prepared for you at the Bell & Crown, Zeals.

Working for the community through COVID-19

Following the success of the Bell & Crown at Zeals transforming themselves overnight into an amaizing community centred Pie Shop – #pieitforward , they still recognise that being closed at the moment is the best thing they can do. ”We want this to blow over and we want people to stay safe and well. We also want people to enjoy a break from the monotony of home cooking”

So, in addition to the Great British Pies offering that’s been running since March; on Friday and Saturday night it’s now Pizza Night.

If you’ve been missing really tasty crispy pizza, well you don’t have to anymore, because on Fridays and Saturdays you can now collect these, freshly cooked, from the kitchen at the Bell & Crown, Zeals.

It’s a proper sourdough base pizza. Traditionally, these take ages to prove but only minutes to cook, meaning the crust is crispy on the outside and wonderfully chewy in the middle. With a variety of delicious, locally sourced ingredients used for the tasty toppings if you close your eyes when you eat – you could almost be in Napoli.

Call 01747 840404 to order yours and don’t forget to ask about dips and drinks if you want to add these to your order to collect.

The current menu is shown below:

Bell & Crown Pizza Menu.

There’s never been a better time to enjoy staying in but ‘eating out’.

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