Easter Sunday, Services and Hymm for the Day

From the Rev’d Ben Rundell-Evans, Priest in Charge, Parish of Upper Stour 

For those of you who wish to share in this Easter period of worship, the Rev’d Ben has shared with us the latest e-newsletters and videos.

Easter Day Service from Salisbury Cathedral

In this special additional Easter Day e-newsletter you will find an opportunity to share in the Salisbury Cathedral Easter morning service.

Joyous Easter Blessings to you all! 

Easter Sunday

The Easter Sunday e-newsletter contains blessings for all this Easter. Some lovely images, a link to the church bells and some wonderful examples of community spitit in the Parish, plus one of the most humourous cartoons I have seen, shared below. As ever, please look through the link and take this opportunity to share Easter in a most unique way.

The Lenten journey which started on Ash Wednesday 26th Feb, ends here with joy! Alleluia Christ is Risen!

While it has been quite easy to get in the mind set of Holy Week and Lent this year, Easter Day seems that bit harder. At this time of suffering in the world, where do we see signs of new life? While we can see the very real suffering that has been caused by the Covid19 outbreak, the love and compassion of so many in our communities, and in particular the loving sacrifices made by NHS workers at this time is where we find the love and life of God this Easter.

Rev’d Ben, Easter Sunday, Parish of Upper Stour, e- Newlstter

Holy Saturday

The wait…

Holy Saturday‘s e-newsletter is a simple reminder about the gap that is left between Good Friday and Easter morning. Jesus is taken down from the cross, and we enter into what Pierre Abelard described as “the night of tears, the three days’ space, sorrow abiding of the eventide”.

Olivia and Felicity Gillett’s Easter Garden , taken from Holy Saturday Parish of Upper Stour e-Newsletter

Good Friday

The Isolation of the Cross
This Good Friday, we have a very real understanding of the isolation of the cross. As people are forced to mourn and suffer in private, we can see the isolation of the cross in a different and very painful way.

The Good Friday newletter also reminds us of the importtance of staying safe and being compassinalte.

One of the sereral excellent videos help us mark the events of Good Friday. It features the Chaplain Reverend Richard Horner of Rugby School leading a very moving service with hymns, readings from some of the school’s students, and an anthem while the altar is reverently stripped of its finery. It is definitely worth a watch.

The Maundy Thursday newsletter helps to mark a new beginning, the beginning of the end. From this point on, our Christian worship is a continuum through to Easter morning,

We hope you enjoy these communications and are pleased to be able to share these with you this Easter.

If you missed previous newsletters, then they are available to access, including Holy Saturday, Good Friday’s and Maunday Thursdays, through this link to the achives.

Future ones will also appear there in due course.

Hymm For The Day

Royal School of Church Music; A Hymn for the Day 

As part of the Parish of Upper Stour’s offering in the current situation, the RSCM are encouraging everyone to join us in singing the chosen Hymn for the Day, found here (click here), updated daily Monday to Saturday usually in the early afternoon. The words will appear on screen as the music plays. The full playlist can be found here.

For Sundays, you can access the Sunday Self-Service: a short service including hymns, readings, and prayers, which you can find updated each week at the bottom. Via the bnewsletter, you will be able to follow using the order of service which accompanies the recording.

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